Subaru of Niagara - Service Department Update May 11, 2020

Patricia Paulin
3 months agoMay 4, 2020
All of your new procedures are fine with me. How do we book a day?
Jeannine Domanico
3 months agoMay 7, 2020
Truly Appreciate your efforts in helping us all keep safe
Stefan Sullivan
3 months agoMay 11, 2020
This is truly exemplary -- you should indeed be proud of your efforts to keep all customers and staff safe.  Thank you !
Dan Cooper
3 months agoMay 11, 2020
I am guessing that, perhaps, the yellow tab you pointed out in your video allows for self sealing of the envelope so that customers do not need to infect staff by licking the envelope. If not, you should stress to all customers that they should not LICK the closure tab on the envelope for the key drop off as they would in normal times. Also, what product are you using to sanitize the vehicle? Does the sanitizing of the vehicle pose any potential damage to leather in the vehicle?
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